Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kids & Reading

My first brand-new, very own book was Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

It was a Christmas present from my mother and dad.

I was in the third grade. I poured over the stories and read them over and over again savoring every word. When it was ‘Show & Tell Day’ I proudly brought my book to school (PS #40 in Buffalo) and was asked to read a story from it out aloud. My teacher, Miss O’Sullivan immediately took me by the hand and into the fifth grader’s class room across the hall. “Here is how you should read a story to others!” she sternly told that class. I read a story and to my surprise the teachers and kids applauded! For days a lot of kids told me how well I read that fairy tale.

I knew, even as a child, that I wanted to be an author some day and write stories for other kids to read. I still have that well-worn faded red storybook among my memorabilia!

- Dorothy