A Christmas Story


The Magical Shoes of Santa's Elves
Written & Illustrated by Dorothy Dubel

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Here is a sample page from this full color, illustrated book.  
Merry Christmas to all!

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Magical Shoes of Santa's Elves 
Escaping Danger
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October 30, 2011.  I can't wait to give our two grandkiddies their Santa's Elves book toward the end of November.  They need to take the advice and be very good before Santa's visit.  Love to you... Connie.

November 2011. Hear Dorothy Dubel read her new Christmas book at the Seminole County Library - Northwest Branch.  Click here. 

Praise for Magical Shoes of Santa's Elves (Fall 2011)

Friend, Red Hatter and Safe House volunteer Lois Balsis reads to her grandson.  This is so precious!  Thank you for sharing this picture, Lois. 

Dear Dorothy,
    We received that most anticipated package last night!  What fun to see the names, the words, the illustrations and it all come to life under your careful tutelidge!  You are so imaginative with the story, but with those drawings you enchanted me.  Our little Sara (named after me and will be four in a few weeks) was here last night and through today and seeing "her" name in print was very exciting for her.  So, the books came just at the right time.  I have a feeling that we will think of others who should be on our list.  We wish you all the best during the holiday season as children will appreciate this story even more.  We are so happy to share it with our family and friends,too.  Many thanks for brightening our day.  

With love, 

Connie McDonald, VP, Heathrow Women's Club, Heathrow, FL
" I thoroughly enjoyed the story and its message.  Our grandchildren will be thrilled to have it read to them.  Loved the illustrations too!  It's a cute story how that naughty or nice list gets up to Santa's North Pole."

Carol Del Corso, Heathrow, FL

"This story is perfect for my two grandsons, ages 4 and 6!  They are definitely into Santa Claus right now!"