Books I love to read

I Love to Read a Book at Night!

Shiver  by Lisa Jackson.  – This 13 CDs audio book was a spur-of-the-moment choice  just before the library’s closing time.  Lisa is a great mystery story writer and any of her books are a good pick.  Shiver didn’t fall short of Lisa’s mark of excellence in suspenseful reading.  Any psycho serial-killer plot based in a shuttered mental hospital isolated setting is enough to get your own shivers going!  Worth the time to seek out. Dorothy 6/11.

It Ain’t All About the Cookin – Paula Deen – Although I don’t indulge in all the cream, butter, sugar and flour delights this lady concocts, Paula  has a strong following of people who do still cook that way despite what their cardiologists say.  She’s attractive, determined to succeed, was a good mom raising her sons.   I think I would have enjoyed this audio book more if it had been read by a professional.  Listening to all that southern twang, you all, left me sometimes wondering how many more pages?  Dorothy 6/11

The Complete Painting & Drawing Handbook – DK Publishing Co.  With my last art lessons taught me in class by Clarence Keller back at Sloan HS, this book was a refreshing and easy review of art basics and techniques.  This is a heavy book because  of high-quality gloss paper with hundreds of full-color drawings.  It is intended for serious reading while seated at a desk to comfortably devour all its artistic content.  I am inspired to bring out the wooden ‘Art Supplies Box’ from my closet and see what I can do.  In fact, I did begin doing the drawings for my book “Magical Shoes of Santa’s Elves”  and referred to this book often.  Loved it!   Dorothy4/15/11

Quickie by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge  You just never know about husbands.  Could this woman’s husband  really be a cold-blooded murderer?  Lead a double life?  Attempt to kill her – his beloved wife – after all she did for him?  Another easy-to-read nail biter in that fabulous Patterson style.  Dorothy 5/11

43rd Edition Antiques & Collectibles – Warman’s  Edited by Mark F Moran
You know - I’m always thinking I’ll run across something in my home worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in my home that’s pictured on one of these pages.   NOT!   Haven’t yet, but do appreciate all the ‘stuff’ my parents gave me throughout the years.  If only I had kept it!   Smart too late club.
Dorothy 5/11.

Rain on the Mountain Fork  and A Ranger Rides to Town - Louis L’Amour   One of our late president, Ronald Regan’s favorite authors and mine too!  Nothing like a Western with plenty of action and a good story behind it.  Yep, the bad guys still wear those black cowboy hats but the good guys and Rangers are always quicker on the draw!  You’ve got to love the old ‘Wild Westerns’ of times gone by.     Dorothy  5/2011