Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Hello" to Dave Farr, Pastor at Central Baptist Church in Sanford and his lovely wife Joyce!

Learning Escaping Danger was an e-book, Dave immediately added it to his Kindle for his reading pleasure.

They are a delightful couple and shining example of what makes Sanford the friendly, good town it is. 

God Bless America and God Bless the Farrs.   


Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet me at the Book Fair

Hello Readers and Friends:

Save the date of October 15 and meet me at the Deltona Regional Library (2150 Eustace Ave, Deltona 32725) for its annual Authors Book Fair "Celebrating Readers and Writers".

I have a new book Magical Shoes of Santa's Elves  and the thriller Escaping Danger.

A wonderful book-package for Moms and Kids!

Dorothy Dubel

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Books I've read - part 2

Rather than trying to beat the heat, I’ve stayed inside as much as possible - cool and comfortable.  Here are a few of the books that helped divert my attention from the triple digit hot spell we’ve sweltered through this summer!  Dorothy

Escape - Carolyn Jessop
Just weeks before my book was ready to go into printing - this book was published!  What a scramble
I had thinking up a new title for my book which I also originally titled Escape.   I certainly didn’t want two books with the same title coming out at the same time!  Changing my book cover title, interior pages, all the legals entailed and marketing - a host of time-consuming and expensive alterations had to be made.  “He who snoozes, loses!” - it’s true;  and that’s the reason the title of my book became known as Escaping Danger.

I decided to read Carolyn’s story this summer. It was truly an interesting account of a young girl’s life at 14 years of age as the chosen wife of an older man with many other wives and children.  Outward appearances of matrimonial content and reported family harmony in the FLDS were clearly disputed by this brave author in her flight for basic freedoms.  Reports of the shocking mental and physical abuses committed by despicable, tyrannical leaders within this radical ousted FLDS religious group are appalling! Upcoming ... The trial in Utah of its leader Warren Jeffs.
The Road to Wealth - Suze Orman
Every woman’s authority on how to improve their life now and for a comfortable tomorrow by learning how to manage their money.  Straight from the cuff advice, easily understandable.  I love Suze!  How I wish I had known about her simple concepts and been told these explanations decades ago - I’d be so much better off!

The Witness - Sandra Brown
The heroine of this story is a public defender in a Southern state.  She accidentally finds her husband and father-in-law are leaders of an insidiously evil racist group that includes the mayor, business owners and even the police chief!  Unable to trust anyone, she places her life and that of her baby in the hands of an FBI agent and witness protection program in her attempt  to evade the town’s desperate search for her in their attempt to hide heinous secrets.  Will she be able to testify in a federal court against local politicians and police?  A real nail biter.

Judge and Jury - James Patterson & Andrew Gross
Having been engrossed for a month in the Casey Anthony trial, I felt the need to extend that experience with a legal thriller by my favorite mystery writer, James Patterson.  The heroine is a juror in the trial of a notorious Mafia Don.

His ruthlessness and power threatens every juror, witness and even the judge.  With the FBI’s evidence, conviction seems to be a sure thing.  Or is it?  I’m not spoiling the end to this ‘must read’ novel that will keep you turning pages!

Sleight of Mouth - A Collection of Hilarious One Liners  - Harry Allen
With  the many pressures and problems we all face it’s good to take a moment out for a good belly laugh.

The author is a well-known comedian/magician who has performed with almost every show business personality.  He owns Daytona Magic, Inc. at 136 S Beach in Daytona Beach.  Stop into Harry’s shop and revive some good memories of good times he had with the masters of comedy.  You’ll leave with a smile … and more.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Secret is Out!

Hi Readers! Thank you for visiting my blogspot! YOU are the first to be notified ... my children's Christmas story book, The Magical Shoes of Santa's Elves

will be launched this week! If you'd like a First Edition autographed copy for your little ones, please let me know! Click here. Thanks! Dorothy